last changed 22 Apr. 2009

      GNU Note

    The dictionaries of JRSpell based on word lists of different authors.

    All dictionaries are free to copy and use under the GNU license

    The new JRSpell dictionaries contains extensions and changes from JRSoftware and be licensed under GNU too.

    You keep the dictionaries free from JRSoftware and you can change the format or expand them again, if you need.

    But don't delete the Copyright in the readme_xx_xx.jsp.

    For more Information please read the GNU lines in the readme_xx_xx.jsp






  Download Download:

How to Install:

    the best way to copy the dictionaries to the correct destination is the following.

    After download the dictionaries, extract the file to a folder.

    Open the JRSpell dictionary dialog.


    click on "Add to list" and choose a dictionary file.